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Host a Baby Gear Exchange Party to Swap Baby Clothes Other Necessities with Other Parents These necessary items are used for such a short time before your child reaches their next new phase. Most baby items are in excellent used condition and have a lot of life left in them when you are done. Sure, you could take them to a consignment store or donate them to Valentino Sneakers Sale a thrift store, but your extra outgrown baby gear is perfect for bartering and trading with your friends.

By trading baby gear instead of buying new, you and your friends will save so much more than money. You'll also eliminate the packaging waste and fossil fuel emissions associated with making and transporting new goods. Everyone Valentino Clutch Bags wins!

The most fun way to trade baby gear is to organize a gear trade event. You can keep it small and host it in your home with a handful of friends or go big and Valentino Totes see if a church or community organization will donate a space for a trade open to the community at large. Whatever the size of your trading party, everything should be free.

Set up tables with the Valentino Mini Shoulder Bags baby items organized by size. Allow guests to browse for 10 minutes or so before trading begins. For a small gathering, draw numbers out of a hat to determine the order in which each person will do their "shopping." Each person can choose 1 item per turn until they are done shopping.

A large, communitysized trade party can Valentino operate on a firstcome, Valentino Rockstud Slingbacksfirstserved basis, with a limit to how many items are allowed.

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