Valentino Sandals type of event

How to Plan a Board Game Birthday Party for Kids Survey your board games if you already have some and write down the ones that would be appropriate for the party. Keep most of the games simple, with a few more challenging games for those who might be interested. Write down any games that you don't have but would like to include in the Cheap Valentino Pumps party.

Create invitations stating the time, date, place and theme for your party. Valentino Flats On Sale Include a request for guests to bring their own board games. Add the list of games that you do not have but would like to see at the party. Add a piece of monopoly money with a note that guests can use it to "purchase" a prize at the party.

Set up game stations around the party area. Each station should have a playing area or surface, seating (such as pillows, chairs or bean bag chairs) and a game. Include game instructions at each station. If you Valentino don't have the original instructions to a game, type and print your own.

Decorate the party area with items such as fuzzy dice, playing cards and box covers to various games. If possible, get a birthday cake with a checker or chess theme, or some other Valentino Clutches wellknown game.

Provide finger foods for your guests. Add a snack bowl at each game station. Pretzels, candy, popcorn and chips are good foods for this Valentino Sandals type of event. You could have pizza as the main course, since guests can eat it with one hand and play games with the other.

Create a Valentino Slingback Pumps prize box or bag for your guests. Add candy or party favors. Party favors that pertain to the game theme include decks of cards (like Old Maid or Go Fish cards), dice and travelsized games.

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